Tilting in Facebook Poker… Not a good idea!

Facebook Poker Tilting – Can be very dangerous

There are many factors involved in a Facebook Poker game those can influence a game to win or loose. One of these factors is Facebook Poker Tilting. It can be defined as a situation in which you will take bad decisions by being influenced with your emotions when these are not necessary! May be you can play better, but if you hear to your bad side of your mind, sometimes you can see that, you are taking some wrong decisions. These kinds of situations are called as tilts in Facebook Poker. You can get influenced by any kind of emotions like anger, fear, sadness, hate, anxiety etc.  These are very dangerous while plying a Facebook Poker game. A good Facebook Poker player should control his emotions while plying Facebook Poker. You should keep out these emotions from a game while playing Facebook Poker. Otherwise there is a great possibility of taking wrong decision though you are a good Facebook Poker player.

Now the question comes that how to deal with this Facebook Poker tilting? If you feel that, you are suffering from this Facebook Poker tilting situations, try to control yourself. May be your opponents try to create such a tilting situation to take avail of you. So, try to understand that, this situation is very detrimental for your money. You can loss lots of money, if you are driven by your emotion. Try to control a game with patience and intelligence. If you feel that, you are feeling disturbed by something, then you should not bet, leave the bet for a while and try to make yourself calm. Then with a fresh mind, get into the game again, with new sprit.

Whatever, you can get benefited if you realize that any of your opponent is suffering from this tilting situation. Then try to take the benefit with cool brain. Do such a betting that can make him more angry and disturbed to him. Try to make him more frustrated with your bluffing. If once you can lead him in a wrong way then be sure that can add more money and chips into your account. Your created Facebook Poker tilting situation will be very helpful to mislead your opponents in to wrong way if you are able to create such kind of situation in a cool brain.

Keep in mind that Facebook Poker tilting is very harmful for winning the game. If you are tilted than you can face a great loss without any concerning. So, try to handle this kind of situation well. If you feel that, you are facing some problems. Then have a walk. If you are a smoker try to have a smoke to refresh yourself. Loosing draws, taking too mush time to win a bet may be frustrating. Some times your opponents also tease you that you do nothing about playing Facebook Poker. So, don’t be such frustrated that, you wont be able to play beyond your capability.

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