Who is Phil Ivey

The Famous Poker Player – Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is a renowned name in the current realm of poker tournaments. He is known worldwide as he has won 8 world poker championships. Not only this, he has also won the most prestigious world poker tour. He has also secured his position at the final round in about 9 poker world championships. As per the world poker-player rankings, he is currently the top seed and has won the maximum amount of cash in the tournaments. He also came 2nd in the Australian 2010 poker championship. This marvelous finish earned him many cash as the event had the prize money of 100,000 million dollars. Most of the other poker players are agree with the fact that Phil Ivey to be the greatest poker player.

Phil Ivey was born in America in the state of California in the year 1976. Few months later, his family moved to New Jersey. He lived in New Jersey till he shot to fame through poker tournaments and later on he shifted to Las Vegas, the Mecca of poker. People who live around his house say that he a great basketball lover and id often spotted sporting the jerseys of his favorite teams. Other than that, Phil Ivey has a keen interest in golf and computer games. It is also said that once he played in a small golf tournament and he came 3rd.

Although he lives a lavish lifestyle owing to the huge cash deposits in his account, he is also respected by many as he regularly donates money for various charity purposes. He has donated thousands of dollars to help the education of students who cannot afford it otherwise. He also owns a charitable trust named “Ivey Foundation” which takes care of malnourished students and provides them with food and education.

Owing to his vast fan following, his charitable trust was donated with 260,000 US Dollars in the first year of its existence. He also organizes poker tournaments where the prize money won by the players is donated to the charitable cause for which he constantly endeavors.

Phil Ivey’s career started in New Jersey itself when he started playing for a local firm in early 90’s. He worked in a marketing company and in the free time, he played poker against his work mates. During that period, he was given several names like “Tiger Woods” and “Homeless Jerome”.

As of now, he is the richest poker player of the world. He has won more than 13 million US dollars through poker tournaments with more than 2 million dollars won in the current year. More than half of his money was won in world title championships also known as WSOP, he has won a total of 19M online in full tilt poker as of today.

A long list of tournaments he has won includes the one in 2002 when he won WSOP. In the same year, he finished at par with other poker giants like Phil and Puggy. He also won the Omaha poker tournaments in 2000 and again in 2005. Amarillo was the only undefeated poker player until 2000 and Phil Ivey was the first poker player to defeat him in WSOP.

Apart from that, he has also won World Series 8 times and has been a successful player throughout the main events of the world poker tournaments. He has been a constant performer as he finished 23rd in the year 2002, 10th in 2003, 20th in the year 2005 and 7th in the year 2009. In the year 2009, he also won his 6th bracelet (prize given in poker championships) in the world series of poker. He was awarded prize money of 250,000 UD dollars. In that championship, there were 140 professional poker players and Phil Ivey defeated all of them to claim the title. In the same year, he rose to world fame by defeating some of the prominent names in the poker industry like Ming Lee. He won 500,000 US dollars by defeating Ming Lee in Omaha poker tournament.

In the year 2010, Phil Ivey was voted the most successful champion of the world poker series. In this year, he secured his 8th bracelet in the world series of poker tournament by defeating some of the great players like Bill Chen and Chad Brown. He won 300,000 US dollars for this event.

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