When to fold in facebook poker

Learn facebook poker strategies to know when to fold a hand in facebook poker

It is important to know when to fold a hand in facebook poker to taste success for a long time. Almost all beginners who are playing facebook poker play with too many hands.  It is better to begin with a pre-flop premium hand, which does not require money to play. It seems that most of the players do not have time to wait for a good hand and they try to use average hands. You will become a solid player only by playing K/K, A/A, A/K or Q/Q as the starting hands. However, in the later stages of playing facebook poker you can use the tight table image in order to play tricks with a few hands.

You should be never afraid to fold a hand thinking that folding the hand means losing. While folding a hand you are saving the chips for the next day to fight. Losing a game of facebook poker will happen only when some other person wins all money you have with you. By folding the hand thoughtfully you can minimize the chance of losing the game. Pre-flop is the most important folding decision as you are playing with two cards and you have to decide whether to fold or play.

When the player decided to choose a card, he can enter in to the pot and he is setting himself for later stages of the game. Therefore, you have to be very careful in making decision with starting hands. While deciding a hand to play or to fold a hand in facebook poker you have to consider several factors. As a thumb rule, start with the cards that are connected, paired, suited or by combining both connected and suited. By following this rule, you can make suitable decisions at a later stage on turn, river and the flop.

The player will know when to fold a hand in facebook poker when they receive hand that need phenomenal flops like 2-3, 4-6, J-5 and so on. Other hands that can be played will depend on the opponents, pot odds and position. The initial step to know whether the player must fold or hold the hand is by understanding the flop texture. After the flop, you should read the board and scrutinize which hand can be used. On boards like Kc-9 d-5, h pocket aces are great but pocket aces are not good for boards like Kc-Qc-Jc.  A pair of pocket aces can beat anyone on the flop but a player with A-10 or 9-10 can beat you easily.

It is difficult to provide a suitable advice as playing facebook poker and its decisions are always situational. Some time folding a hand is obvious when there are possible hands on the board. There are also several situations in which the player can go ahead but the flop texture saying something else. In such situations, you have to analyze your flop, money with you and your opponent before playing further. When the player does not have enough money to play a big bet, then be sure that it is time to fold the hand in facebook poker.

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