Addicted to facebook poker? You might do embarrassing stuff

Social Networking is one of the most used aspects of the Internet. People around the globe have constructed their personal virtual worlds. The worlds, which spring to life every time you connect to the internet .You, cannot imagine a day without networking sites like twitter, Facebook, hi5, Orkut. Poker fan’s day virtually starts and ends with these social networking sites. Welcoming to the networking obsession where everyone is trying to connect to the other, find people with similar likes and beliefs.

One of the most sought after aspects of social networking sites is online gaming. The online gaming industry is estimated to be worth One billion US dollars. One of the most famous forms of online gaming is online gambling. There are innumerable websites, which provide a platform for online gamblers. Facebook being the biggest social Networking sites also has applications for this in the form of Zyngya Texas Hold’em Poker.

The obsession for acquiring these online poker chips from Facebook is alarming. You can land yourself in dismal and sometimes embarrassing situations to have these free poker chips .Although its entertaining playing in this interpersonal gaming arena but you are always in the lookout of procuring more poker chips. You have to resort to diverse means of acquiring these chips. Sometimes you have to make use of cheat codes, downloading and at times even buying them. There are instances when you have to bribe your friends with bottles of beer or your study notes to get them. There are other embarrassing situations where you have approached strangers on your messenger to get them. Many of you might have been lucky a couple of times but have been left red-faced most of the time. You may have also changed your identity several times luring your friends to believe that you are a beautiful girl interested in going out with them. It is a little embarrassing when you get caught by a classmate of yours.

There are times when you have done small petty jobs to buy those poker chips. Like running errands for your neighbours, taking their dog for a walk. There are instances where you work in an amusement park or any other place. The little extra money earned allows you to have many poker chips. Luckily, you did not pay heed to the internet scams of giving a million poker chips. Many poker fans have burnt their fingers by being enticed in to these scams.

You may resort to bizarreness at times for your poker chips. At times when you reflect, it might ashamed you. It is like an addiction, the more you get in to it the more overpowering it becomes. Nothing seems shallow as long as you keep getting those extra chips .It is always wise to control your urge. You can limit you to gaming only a few hours every week. The urge to be the best player and garner popularity has dwindled over time. It is not that you have stopped competing but you have started doing so in good faith. Online gaming still mesmerises lot of poker fans and make their hair tingle. The idea is to incorporate moderation, enjoy and be a sport. Happy gaming!


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