Biggest televised poker pot ever!

Here we leave you the biggest poker pot ever televised:

The episode is of the Million dollar cash game in UK, 2 hands before finishing the episode we enter to this huge pot, only 3 players left and considered the best ones in cash games:

Tom “Durrrr” Dwan

Phil Ivey

Patrik Antonius

Blingds: 1000/2000 USD
Ante: 500

Dwan raises, Phil Ivey reraises, they raise with nothing but its their style, no one can know what they can possibly have, Dwan has  7h 6h and Ivey has A 2  offsuit,

Flop comes  Jc 3d 5c, pot is 49K, phil ivey raises to 35k, dwan calls, you gotta see the turn, just impressive how this guys play

What do you think about this setup?

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