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Have you ever opened your facebook poker account and found 0 or almost nothing of your huge stack?
You probably got hacked!

This has been a huge concern to the app developers and players since the beggining, loads of people get hacked daily,

But HOW?????

Theres many ways a hacker or a phisher can gain all your chips:

  1. Dont ever open links that ask your facebook or email password: this are phishing sites, what are they? Well in a fast and easy way to understand them, they are sites that fake to be facebook or your email with the simple purpose of getting your login and password, as easy as that, no glitches or exploits involved, just a simple social engineering method where you will give the hacker your login and password, then he will login to your poker account and BANG say goodbye to your chips, below we show you an example of a phishing site, yes it looks like facebook, but check the website address (that aint facebook)
  1. Dont share your personal details to strangers, many forms of getting your password can be by prooviding personal detals, can be your birth date, your mothers name, anything that can be correlated to your secret question in your email, whatch out this cause many people fell into this, mostly people that get added by strangers, most the times a person of the opposite sex which is attractive and might want to talk to you to “flirt” but the main reason is to obtain information about you
  2. Dont downlaod software that promises you getting free chips, bots, special offers, what this will cause you is an automatic instal for a troyan, adaware or something that will be harmfull for you PC and possibly compromise your logins and passwords
  3. The same as point 3 but involving strangers, PLEASE DONT OPEN THE FILES THEY SEND YOU, dont open their “hot photos”, software etc

Please avoid all this, this way your account will be safe, we have to remark theres glitches in facebook poker applications but most of them are fixed fast, so sometimes you can loose your chips not by your fault, but by the system security fault, but in this case you cant do much, just report it to the application developer and there you go

Happy gamming

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