Facebook Chips Cheats

Facebook Poker Chips Cheat:

You will find that there are many players who cheat in facebook poker. There are many ways in which players cheat in poker. One of the ways is colluding. Collusion is when two or more players make a pact amongst themselves to give each other some type of information or strategy and use it as an advantage against other players at the table. Colluding can also happen in the online poker and it is really frequent to find it when high stacks are involved in a place that is hard to get detected, so this people take advantage of this. A group of people may join each other to share some information online and use it as an advantage against the other players, Information like share their facebook poker cards so they reduce probabilities or do a sandwich rising in between them when they have a monster hand or draw. One has to be aware of such people while playing facebook poker.

The other form that people use to do facebook poker cheat is data mining. Data mining is the process of gathering information about the opponents by using automated tool. These tools record hand histories and hence give an advantage and make it’s easier for you to identify patrons in a player way of dealing with certain hands. The data mining tools are readily available and fairly easy to understand and use, one big case is the Isildur1 case, player of full tilt poker, and he lost in 1 day 4.2 million dollars against Brian Hastings, which afterwards thanked Brian Townsend for giving him a 40k database of hands played by isildu1.

The third way people do facebook poker cheat is hacking who use glitches in the application to make you loose. The hackers will ensure that some functions are not performed completely and effectively and you end up losing the match. This types of glitches can be seen in high stakes tables a lot, where loads of chips are lost in 1 hand, there has been seen many facebook poker cheat of hack like: person in the hand gets lagged and cannot respond to the action, glitches like making you stand up in the middle of the hand, accepting modified gifts that expose or corrupt your account and give access to this hackers, most recently you could see a RAISE 0 cheat in facebook poker, when you went ALL IN the opponent coul